Lab equipment problem?


We make it work!



At HLEC, we specialize in helping people get the most for their money when it comes to laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation. Repairing equipment yourself is often the cheapest option, but what if the equipment is obsolete and parts are no longer available from the manufacturer? We have experience locating obscure replacement parts from third parties. We can also troubleshoot circuit boards and assemblies at the component level, so it is no longer necessary to locate (and pay for) larger assemblies. Often we can replace obsolete components with modern equivalents, extending the service life of your equipment. If replacement parts are truly unavailable, we even design and custom-fabricate parts using techniques such as traditional machining and 3D printing. Thanks to these capabilities, we can even source parts for modified and home-built equipment for which stocks of replacement parts never existed. So contact us today, because we are passionate about making your equipment work, even if it means helping you repair it instead of repairing it ourselves!



If you do need the help of a professional service technician to make your equipment work, we can help with that, too. Since we are located in Lafayette, we can be there fast, and you won’t pay expensive travel and lodging costs. We can bring all the necessary tools and equipment right to your lab, so delicate equipment doesn’t need to be shipped offsite. We have experience servicing a wide variety of laboratory equipment and instrumentation, but even if your problem isn’t one we have fixed before, we are expert problem solvers with a history of taking on new challenges. Repair estimates are free, so contact us today. There’s nothing to lose! We also offer preventative maintenance services either as needed or on a scheduled basis. We work with you to understand the challenges associated with your specific equipment and applications. We can devise preventative maintenance schedules and reports, and even train you in the necessary procedures. If you have an unfamiliar piece of equipment, we can provide training on its proper use and care. We enjoy learning about client applications and helping clients get the most out of their equipment.



If the only option is to replace your equipment, or if you are looking to add a new capability to your lab, we can source quality, refurbished equipment that is much less expensive than buying new. Our expertise allows us to identify the proper piece of equipment based on your performance specifications, budget, and timeline. And we handle every step of the process. We can work with your facilities management team to ensure that your new equipment is properly sited, so there won’t be any surprise costs or delays associated with preparing your space. We install and test the equipment in your lab, so you can be assured of full functionality. We can even train you in proper operation and maintenance so that your new piece of equipment can live a long, happy life. And our service after the sale is second to none. We prioritize the service needs of our refurbished equipment customers. If we sold it, we understand it, and since we are local, you can always count on our fast, friendly service to minimize both your down time and operating expenses. So contact us today! You won’t pay a dime until your new, fully qualified piece of equipment is running in your lab.