VWR Mini Centrifuge

A centrifuge spins samples at a high rate of speed to separate sample components of different densities. For example centrifuges are used to remove suspended particles from liquids or separate blood cells from plasma.

Centrifuge Operator’s Manual

Our Price: $149.00


Manufacturer: VWR

Model: Mini Centrifuge

Includes rotor that holds eight 1.5-2 mL microcentrifuge tubes

Speed: 8,500 RPM / 3,800 RCF


The VWR Mini Centrifuge is a single speed microcentrifuge that holds eight 1.5-2 mL microcentrifuge tubes. This centrifuge is optimzed for ease of operation: simply load your tubes, close the lid, and the centrifuge starts automatically! Press the button on the front to stop the centrifuge and open the lid! This unit has been professionally refurbished, is guaranteed to perform to the manufacturer’s original specifications, and is backed by our 180-day warranty. This unit is in good cosmetic condition and exhibits some scratches on the lid where something scratched the lid as it spun around. This unit retails for $570! Shipping weight is 5 lbs.