Masterflex 7521-40 Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pumps are used to transport extremely clean or sterile fluids without risking contamination of the fluid by components of the pump. The fluid is exposed only to the surface of the tubing, which can be replaced for different applications or when it becomes contaminated. Peristaltic pumps are commonly used in life science applications where contamination from RNAse, DNAse, or micro-organisms must be minimized. Peristaltic pumps are also used in trace analysis applications where low background levels are critical.

Pump Drive Operating Manual

Pump Head Operating Manual

Our Price: $499.00


Manufacturer: Masterflex

Model: 7521-40

Includes Easy-Load II pump head model 77200-62

Max speed: 600 rpm

Flow rate: 1.7 – 2900 ml/min depending on tubing choice and speed setting

Remote start/stop and remote speed control

Compatible with tubing i.d. approx. 3/16 in to 3/8 in and o.d. approx. 3/8 in to 5/8 in


This Masterflex 7521-40 peristaltic pump is ready to go with included Easy-Load II 77200-62 pump head. Changing tubing is a snap, with no manual adjustment required. Additional pump heads can be added to pump multiple lines concurrently. The unit has been fully tested and comes with a 180-day warranty. The unit is provided with power cord and operating manuals. The brand new equivalent retails for over $2200 Shipping weight is 10lbs.