100BM-4 Nano-K Biscuit Vibration Isolation Platform

Vibration isolation platforms protect sensitive equipment from vibrations. Vibration isolation platforms are used with scanning probe microscopes (AFM, STM, SEM), nanofabrication equipment, lasers and optical systems, and much more.

Specification Sheet

Installation and Adjustment Manual

Our Price: $999.00


Manufacturer: Minus K Technology

Minimum payload: 50 lbs

Maximum payload: 105 lbs

Vertical natural frequency: 0.5 Hz

Horizontal natural frequency: 0.5 Hz near max payload.


The 100BM-4 is a fully passive device with no power requirement. Ballast can be used to meet minimum payload. The unit has been fully tested and comes with a 180-day warranty. The unit is provided with shipping collars, specification sheet, and setup guide. This unit retails for over $3000! Shipping weight is 60lbs.